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Member Interview #3


With preethi524

In our 3:rd member interview, preethi524 talks about how she found DA and Amatuer-Artists, how art has found its way into her life and how it's affecting it now. preethi524 also shares interesting stories about her macro photography and a particular charcoal sketch that has many emotions hidden in it. Check out some of her art below! :heart:

Reflections.. by preethi524 Sea shells.. by preethi524 Pencil carving 11 : Olympic torch.. by preethi524 Pencil carving 8 : The 'little' things that matter by preethi524 Simple scenery.. by preethi524

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Am Preethi from India India .. an astrophysics scholar a sparkle night and an art enthusiast Speed Painting Emote !

How did you come across Amatuer-Artists?

I joined deviantART over a year back.. I used to search for image references online every time I felt like sketching or painting In search for answers & one day realised that most of the images I came across were by various artists on deviantart :gallery: rvmp! That pushed me to join deviantart! But then I felt completely overwhelmed by the number of artists and groups on deviantart and almost felt belittled! :ashamed: revamp I saw such amazing art here that I didn't know if an amateur/hobbyist like me could hold a place here as well... I was looking for groups that appreciate and encourage even the smallest of artists and not just accept art from the best of best! That was when I stumbled upon Amatuer-Artists... When I joined, it was a smaller group, but with a very big heart! :bademoticon: It was one of the first groups I was a part of and it was the group that gave me an identity on devianart! Within no time I was featured in two journals on Amatuer-Artists (thanks to QuizzicalHarpy for "300 Member Feature", divafica for "Member of the Month!" and now to sandramonster for this interview! Thank You Hearts Sign). I can say I was almost being pampered Giggle -revamp- and am sure several other members of this group feel the same way too! This group gave me the confidence I was in much need of! :iconpositivityplz:

What got you into art?

I didn't get into art.. I believe it was art that got into me when I was small... Too young to remember how or when! My first memory of art is drawing a table lamp with bright crayons when I was 5 or younger. The lamp shade had 3-4 vertical stripes, each of a different colour :painter: Guess I was colour struck right from then! Lily's Rainbow Box

What role has art had in your life?

Art is my life... It is in everything I see & do, even though I don't sketch, paint, sculpt or take photographs regularly! I don't think art can ever affect anyone in a bad way... For me, art is the mirror that shows me who I really am. It doesn't lie or camouflage itself to please others. It doesn't put up a mask when others are around! Making art even helps me deal with negative emotions like anger, loss and depression... I don't know who I would be if I didn't have art in me! Artist

What's your most used medium and what do you like most about it? Do you use any other medium to create art? What medium(s) and what do you like about that/them?

That’s a bit difficult to answer, considering that I don’t stick to any one medium for too long! Confused As far as medium is concerned, I have so far used pencil, charcoal, colour pencils, ball point pens, acrylic, water colour, paper, canvas and pencil again but for miniature sculptures! From what I can see in my gallery, my most used medium is pencil for sculpting:pencillove:.. but, I personally enjoy sketching more than painting or sculpting!

What inspires you? Is there anyone on DeviantArt that inspires you? Who and why?

I believe everything I see, feel and face everyday (good or bad! Advice) inspires me in some way, but everything may not inspire me in the same way! Some things may inspire me to be a better person :innocent: Revamp,  some may inspire me to work hardWeek 1 - Work, work, work and if the conditions are all right, they may inspire me to jump right in to making art Piant ! Art is my way of expressing my inner most emotions Special Rainbow by Lady-Poptart, some of which I may not even be aware of until I look back at what I have created!
No, there is actually no person who inspires me! I have been on an artist's block for a long while now Artist's Block and in a desperate attempt to sketch again, I browsed through hundreds of mind blowing artworks on deviantart! I came across several masterpieces that left me dumbfounded Monk Emote - Dumbfounded but, they didn't inspire me to pick up a pencil and sketch again! That made me realise, no other artist or artwork can inspire me, it has to come from within me! Monk Emote - Meditate And am still patiently waiting for that to happen! FOREVER WAITING

What inspired you to make art like and ?

The pencil sculpture was created out of sheer frustration :frustrated: revamp when I failed at another pencil sculpture! I was trying to make Jenga blocks out of pencil lead, but, it didn't turn out well... Then I picked a new pencil and randomly started sculpting it without putting any thought in to it! After few minutes, I had a smooth spiral and few days later topped it up with a little shack! House
As for the photo :pharaohnoid:, was during a time when my interest in photography was aroused (thanks to being surrounded by quite a few photography savvy friends like hellboy200mnanand1988 and Vismaaya!).. but, I didn't have a good camera to douse that interest in me! So I settled for the next best thing I had, my mobile camera! I ripped apart an old toy laser, removed the plastic lens  Magnifying Glass & externally attached it to the front of my mobile's camera! I went crazy for few days clicking macro photos of anything I could find around me Crazy La :iconlacrazyplz: ! Until I went too close to a flame that caused the plastic lens to melt, in an attempt to click this! Wick and the Flame.. by preethi524

What's your own favourite piece of art in your gallery? Why?

Hands down, It's the one below!
Black rose.. by preethi524
This was my last charcoal sketch prior to being afflicted with artist's block artist's block ! I had started doing this sketch when I was going through a very low & depressive phase in life :depressed: rvmp ... But, every time I sat to do this sketch, I couldn't finish shading more than a petal or two! It took me several months to finish it, during which time I went through a range of emotions, mostly negative! Every petal here represents those emotions I felt.. some saw me angry, some depressed, some trying to move on, some calm, some happy, some that I had to erase & redo because I had messed it up when I was too angry, and so on.. This one sketch possibly says more about me than all my other sketches put together! It's a constant reminder to me of what I went through, but, emerged out as a much better and stronger person. Nommy smile mini

Do you have any tips or a message to your fellow Amatuer Artists?

I only have one message, which I have come to learn myself & which is same as what anyone on deviant would say... Make art for yourself, not to please others! Nommy smile 

Thank you for taking part in Amatuer-Artists 3rd member interview!

:happybounce:  Feel free to suggest who you think should be interviewed next time! :happybounce: 
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